Towards a Free, Forced Phonetic Aligner for Brazilian Portuguese Using Kaldi Tools


Phonetic analysis of speech, in general, requires the alignment of audio samples to its phonetic transcription. This task could be performed manually for a couple of files, but as the corpus grows large it becomes unfeasibly time-consuming, which emphasizes the need for computational tools that perform such speech-phonemes forced alignment automatically. Therefore, due to the scarce availability of phonetic alignment tools for Brazilian Portuguese (BP), this work describes the evolution process towards creating a free phonetic alignment tool for BP using Kaldi, a toolkit that has been the state of the art for open-source speech recognition. Five acoustic models were trained with Kaldi and tested in phonetic alignment, where the evaluation took place in terms of the phone boundary metric. The results show that its performance is similar to some Kaldi-based aligners for other languages, and superior to an outdated phonetic aligner for BP based on HTK toolkit.

In Proceedings of 9th Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems 2020